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    Welcome to Professional Painter Services Darwin!

    We are a passionate team of contractors who enjoy what we do and are passionate about the industry. This is why so many in Darwin rely on them for their painting needs. Big or small, you can always count on our experts to provide you with the quality of painting services that you want and deserve. If you have ever painted yourself and were not satisfied with the final results, you may see the benefits of relying on a professional service provider. Many have made the mistake of assuming that they can’t afford a professional service. However, when they turn to us they quickly realize that they can afford the services of a professional. We have a team of experienced painters with years of experience ready, willing and able to provide you with the services that you want and need. 

    About Us

    We offer professional commercial and residential painting services in Darwin, and have been trading for over a decade. We work all over Darwin including Palmerston, Howard Springs and sometimes further afield depending on the job! This was not difficult for us to do since we have assembled the most responsive and talented team of painters in the city to care for your service needs. Due to their level of experience and professional training, there isn’t anything that is beyond their level of expertise. This is why so many Darwin local residents rely on us when they need someone for the job.

    Our Services

    Professional Painter Services Darwin are skilled tradesman, offering high quality finishes to all our jobs. Every job they perform is carried out to a level of satisfaction. If our customers aren’t 100% happy with our work, we will come back to make sure it’s done to expectation. We are proud of the work of our painters. They are the reason why we are the preferred painting company in Darwin. When our team carry out the work for our discerning customers, they consistently get glowing reviews. If you are looking to get your property revamped with a new coat of paint, our professional contractors are there to do the job. You’re sure to get what you pay for and more.


    Whether you need the inside or the outside of your home painted, you have certainly arrived at the right place. With our residential painting service, we take our time to always make sure that the job is done right and meets with your total satisfaction. This may require us to make a complete quality assurance check to ensure that you have received the most professional painting services possible. We offer a full consultation to advise on colouring with our customers who need their house painted.


    You only have once chance to make a good impression on potential customers so why not make it a great first impression. Our goal is for your customers to be taken aback when they enter your shop or place of business. Our team of specialists have experience working with local Darwin businesses big and small, so they are well qualified to help with your commercial painting needs. You are in luck because we are happy to work with your budget to provide you with the help that you want and need.
    “My husband admits that he wouldn’t know the first thing about painting our roof and that is why we decided to call Professional Painter Darwin to paint it for us. They certainly lived up to our expectations, as they did an incredible job and offered us such a reasonable rate. This is why I would strongly recommend their services to others who are considering having his or her roof painted.” – John J. Palmerston


    To be sure that your exterior painting needs are done to your complete satisfaction, make sure you rely on our team of well-qualified and professionally vetted painters. They prove effective in all that they do, which is why so many rely on us when they are looking for a local Darwin painter. Your property is a reflection of who you are. Always make sure that you can stand out with superior painting services. Types of house cladding we have experience in painting
    • Timber
    • Rheinzink facade
    • Tiles
    • Cedar Shingles
    • Bricks
    • Stucco
    • Roughcast
    We have the tools and knowledge to work with many house exterior cladding material, so you can be confident when hiring our team for the job.


    Even when you enjoy painting yourself, this doesn’t mean that you should. We know that many will attempt to paint themselves because they figure that they can save a buck or two. However, if they are not satisfied with the results then the job may have to be done all over again. This means that you will waste more money than you save. Why not give us a call from the very start and you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

    Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or your entire home, we have the capacity to take on the work.

    “When we moved into our new home we picked out the paint that we wanted and decided which rooms we would paint. This was over three years ago! We finally broke down and called Professional Painter Darwin to get the job done. They did a great job!” – Sandy R. Palmerston

    Roof Painting

    Any time you climb on your roof you are taking a chance with your life. We wouldn’t want you to jeopardise your safety by climbing on your roof to paint when we can do it for you. We have experienced painters with the necessary skills and qualifications to assist with your service needs. We make sure all the necessary preparation is taken in making sure your roof is restored and painted to a high quality, from pre-cleaning the roof, repairing any broken tiles, assessing it’s condition and consulting on the best type of paint for the type of cladding.

    Common types of roofs we have painted are 

    • Tiles
    • Solar tiles
    • Metal
    • Bricks
    • Terracotta roof tiles
    • Concrete tiles

    We offer a full consultation to make sure we can offer a premium service for customers.


    Protective Floor Covering

    If you have just had brand new flooring installed and you want to protect it, protective flooring is what you need. When you rely on our professional flooring services then you’ll have several options to choose from for your protective flooring. Protect your investment by making sure that you have a protective coating applied by our professional painters at Professional Painter Darwin.
    “We continued to get price quotes for the painting that we needed to be done but no one could beat the rates we received from Professional Painter Darwin, which is why we used their services.” – Pat T. Darwin

    Painting FAQ

    How much time will it take to paint a house exterior?

    If your house has four or fewer bedrooms, it takes between 3 to 4 days for 3 people to paint it entirely. For larger homes, i.e., 3 to 5 storey it should take about 6 days to complete.
    Roughly, two to three people can paint the exterior of a 2,500 square foot house in a maximum of two full days.

    How many coats of paint does a house exterior need?
    For good coverage, two coats will do, especially, if you are applying the paint on a well-prepped and primed surface.

    What’s the total cost of painting a house?
    The cost varies with the type of construction material and size. For instance, painting the exterior of a home in Australia costs between $15 and $45 per square metre for brickwork. If you own a timber house; then it will cost you between $12 and $60 per square metre.
    By contrast, painting the interior of your home costs between $12 and $30 per square metre. So the size of your house determines the final cost. If you have a small apartment, the price may be about $4,000 while for larger apartments (four bedrooms) it may go as high as $20,000.

    Should I paint my house myself?
    As much as interior painting is the most popular DIY home improvement activity, you shouldn’t paint your house if you lack skills, equipment, time and the energy to do the job.
    Be realistic; painting a home can be tedious because it involves preparation depending on the existing condition. However, a skilled and non-disabled homeowner can paint rooms.

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    When you have to have any type of painting done in Darwin, make sure you rely on our expert painters, as they have received professional training and have years of industry know-how. Contact us now to discuss your service needs. You always get what you want and need from our painters.

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